14 Aug 2015

Canon EOS 50E door clip repair

My GOD I've been so absent from this blog! But I've been working on my thesis, I promise you so it's all good. Did you consider donating whatever change you have left in your pocket today for a good cause? Try my tuition fees for example.

Today I decided to fix my EOS 50E. It's supposed to be a very good electronic SLR camera from Canon aside from being too plasticky. Don't get plasticky wrong, plasticky means less weight; long as all the features work, who cares, right?

Well, sometimes the slightest plasticky break can break the entire camera, rendering it unusable. Which is how I got this camera with battery grip for £1.20 + postage. Can't complain right?

Wrong. I thought I could fix it easily. Fortunately, the seller was kind enough to stick the broken piece of plastic on the camera body with some tape to make sure it's not lost. Unfortunately, nothing could actually stick that thing back in place.

The piece of plastic in question was no less than the infamous door clip. Yes, just the clip. And without it, the camera is quite useless.

I tried superglue, hotglue, more super glue, and in the end I drilled a tiny 0.5mm hole and stuffed a piece of needle inside of it as support, with yet more super glue, and still that thing wouldn't hold. See, the problem is, it's the door clip for God's sake! It's gonna have to have enough tension to resist letting the entire film door open back up! So I was able to make it hold for a short while, but then it failed again.

Today, it was brought up on a secret Facebook group as a good camera for my needs (it has some nice custom features, which is why I got it from the first place) so I decided to just fix it.

Enter 3D pritner. I held the clip and got my vernier caliper, took some dimensions and guesstimated the rest of them (because I should be doing something else, remember studying?) and I quickly sketched this on sketchup.

And here is my first prototype.

I got some dimensions wrong so it's a bit shorter

but it fits nicely anyway and proves the concept can be turned into a solution

By snapping the top of it, which is where I got the dimension wrong by being too careless, I was able to let it slide and here it is nicely locking my film door in place.

All I need now is to strengthen the spring tab, get the dimensions right making sure it will slide real nice with the screws tight, and swap the metal jumper from one piece to another.

You are welcome.

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