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Even £1 will help!

Hi all,

As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I am not doing this blog as a professional photographer but as an enthusiast who enjoys the technical side of things. Nevertheless I am in the third year of a very demanding PhD, and up until this very moment, my tuition fees remain unpaid by my home sponsor since my country fell into war right after I came to the UK back in 2010.

The university where I'm doing the PhD is allowing me to continue my research all the way till the end, but they say I will not be granted my degree unless tuition is paid in full. In fact, they are likely going to register that as debt against me, so not only am I stuck away from home because of a war, in a country where I cannot work due to VISA laws, without any income coming from either side, tuition not being paid from one side, with the other side not offering any support, but also registering that debt against me will prevent me from EVER getting on my feet. I will not even be able to rent a place to live if property agents see this huge amount as credit against me. God help me if they decide to put some interest on top of it all.

I did not choose this situation and there is nothing anybody could do about it. I never chose for my country to go to war. In fact, it was still in peace when I arrived. I did not choose for the European Union to boycott transfers from my country. I did not choose to be in debt. I have always played safe, never broken any rules, and in fact, never even borrowed any money or asked. I always worked for what I earned.

But according to what my Uni says, unless tuition is paid, I cannot get my degree, and until I get my degree, I won't be able to get a kind of job that can pay the money. This is the deadlock that I am in, and nobody around here is willing to help.

However, there is something you can do for me. Even £1 from every visitor to my site could accumulate until I can cover my tuition fees.

I have never asked for any money from anyone before but my situation is currently dire. So before asking, I decided to give. This blog has been put up as a way of giving. To the photography community, I give all information and help that I can provide, whether it is via the blog, forums, emails, or even Facebook groups. I will answer any questions anybody has, and do my best to help you make the right decisions, make repairs, save money on your purchases, or anything that I can help. In return, I expect people who appreciate my need to donate between £1-10 towards my tuition. It will build up quickly, and even if the full amount is not reached, if I have a substantial amount, I may be able to convince University to waiver the rest of it.

I have been able to sustain my family life, with my wife and 2-year-old son, from my savings, which are slowly running out. Unless the situation with University is solved, I see disaster coming.

At the time of writing this, my blog has had over 3000 views. If 3000 visitors contributed £1 each, then it would have been £3k out of the way already. The full amount of tuition is huge, but it can be done, and it can only be done with your help since other official bodies did not offer any financial support.

What I can promise in return is that the donation money will only go towards tuition fees, and I will keep the blog up and running for as much as I can even after my ordeal is over. There is nothing better for me to do than to keep helping others in any way that I can.

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