8 Oct 2014

Shot in Full Spectrum

Along the lines of infrared photography conversions that I hinted at in my last post, I've researching the possible effects that can be achieved by filtering different wavelenghts of light, I went back to a few shots I have taken on 02/07/2014 without a hotmirror on my Mamiya ZD digital back, and decided to play a little bit with them.

The effect, as you can see in the picture above, achieved entirely in Lightroom via whitebalance and HSL colour shifts, is pretty nice.

Here is another shot taken of the same scene on the same day, with the same camera/lens position, except I had the hotmirror on, and converted it to black and white. The shadows on the leaves is the biggest difference, and the reason why I chose the filtered one for BW, due to the texture on the dry leaves. Infrared reflected from foliage, which gives it its brighter character when captured in an infrared capable camera, also makes it a bit more flat as it loses the visible light's shadows.

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