6 Oct 2014

IR Flowers

I've been modifying pocket cameras for IR photography since my last post, but I also have a modified Canon 20D, so let me share with you a couple photos taken with an IR camera. This one is taken with my own Canon 20D and 18-135mm EF-S lens.

This is a lovely small bouquet given to me by my lovely wife. The flowers are very striking red and the greens are very green. This is what the picture looked like out of the camera. I like the dreamy, spirit-like feel of the stems in the IR.

Most IR shots are usually converted into black and white to give the impression of whiteness to vegetation while everything else seems normal. Here is a black and white version:

Feels like the stems can almost be transparent. The other very-common treatment of IR shots is to swap the red and blue channels. This can be done in Photoshop. I swapped the channels in Lightroom using a camera profile. Credit is given to this guy for the profiles. Thank you, guy.

Here is the image after some treatment. Profile is for Infrared, and I played around with colours to get it as close as possible to what I want. This is not yet what I want but the closes I could get it to.

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