23 Nov 2015

First test roll from a Zeiss Super Ikonta 531

Zeiss Super Ikonta 531 + Ilford FP4 Plus with unknown expiry date.
Stand developed in 1+100 Rodinal for 1:10 hours, with two agitations.
Scanned on Epson Perfection 4490, straight on glass without film holder and without top pressure.

Levels and sharpness enhanced via Photoshop.

Exposure mostly determined by a Kopil cold-shoe light lighter, except for the portrait, where I used a Sekonic L-558 for flash metering.

I wonder if the haze in the front element can be cured with a back rub, and whether it's going to enhance contrast, but I'm gonna need a smaller screwdriver than what I currently have.

Lens performance is satisfactory where in focus. I am now a believer in Tessar, but focus at infinity didn't work in the photos even though it aligns perfectly on the rangefinder and the lens infinity mark. Could be handshake though, or could be that the film plane was off since this was 35mm film in a 120 camera. I used 80gsm A4 paper as backing paper to give compensatory thickness behind the film.

I should also determine whether satisfactory sharpness is only affected where a very narrow aperture is used or not. The portrait shows the texture of the fleece, but this was also the narrowest aperture used on this roll for the flashgun.

As you can see in the first photo, I did not get even the framing right (must have turned the tripod head when I was cocking or screwing in the cable release.) Most other frames were otherwise great, and have mostly been long exposures due to low light in my room and ISO125.

Portrait was taken with a 1s exposure in a dark-ish room (my laptop screen was still on), and single flashgun that I was holding in my hand, fired manually.

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