15 Sep 2015

Franka Solida III - overview

The following squares have been taken with this very camera in the video above. No cropping whatsoever. Film was an expired Fujichrome NPH400, developed in C-41. Colour tint is either from expiry or from scanner. I might fix that.


  1. Hi Noah, thanks for your Franka Solida tutorial. One question: does the flash is in sync to X? Many old cameras have sync to M, which results in partially exposed frames if you use a modern flash (and not flash bulbs). Thanks again! Jean-Marc

    1. Hi Jean-Marc, many thanks for your comment. The shutter is a standard and doesn't have an M/X switch. I have tested it with the Canon 430EX II like I said in the video and the results came out perfect, so I suppose you can safely treat it like an X. I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks. I bought this camera today and couldn't work out how to open the back until I watched your excellent tutorial!