6 Nov 2014

I Flound Black

18th Century Frigate (fatural light)

Just as my next-door house was being reclaimed, I gave my neighbours a hand removing some of the furniture left. And to my delight, one of the things the landlord did not want was very few boards about 50x70cm of cardboard, left by the architecture students who used to live there, and I was able to take them.

One of those boards was an brand new black acrylic board, still in film, and also a black, very thick cardboard of about the same size.

Immediately, I removed the film off one side of the acrylic, revealing the extremely shiny and beautiful black mirror, and set the black cardboard some distance to the back. I used the EOS M and EF-M 18-55mm STM lens for speed, and the YongNuo YN-622c triggers for two flashes.

And I got me the following shots. Not bad for a first try?

The photo on top was taken in natural light. The two below were taken with two flashguns (one 580ex, and one 430ex II)


 Optimus in his Prime (flashguns)

The one drawback is that the surface of the black acrylic is literally a dust magnet. Dust that falls onto it sticks. Probably some static electricity from the removal of the film? Let's hope I can clean it up perfectly for the next item.

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