18 Jun 2014

It's a good day in Nottingham!

Other than being super sunny outside, and hot and humid inside (I stayed in all day! Bummer!), a Mamiya AFD II kit just arrived today, followed by the Tetenal Colortec C-41 Phototabs Negative Kit, and finally an old film scanner than I collected in the evening.

That is lots of stuff for one day.

But not all is perfect under the moon (or in my case, under the ceiling): the Tetenal kit had problems: STAB (stabiliser) tablets were broken to pieces, the BX (Bleach/Fix) tablets seem to have caught moisture somehow, and the whole kit is designed for rotary processing machines which do not consume as much chemicals, making its use with manual inversion processing very expensive! I do not have a rotary processor, only a paterson tank. Still, I developed my first C-41 film which is great!

But not so great again with the lack of a scanner. The Epson Perfection 1670 which I bought off eBay for £5 does not seem to be any better than my Canon Pixma MP497 at scanning film despite having a dedicated light for transparency. I thought I was going to see some improvement with the higher resolution. Nope. I wonder how I'm going to scan my films to share with you. The 120 Provia 100f that I developed today (using MANUAL ROTARY PROCESSING! DIY FTW!) looks pretty sharp, having been shot with a Fujifilm GS645s, of automobiles, in bright sunlight, but I'm not sure all colours are still there. Looking through the film, it looks as if I have selective colour built into it somehow.

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